Easter Family Picture!!!

Happy Easter!!!

The Easter Bunny made it to our house this year...... but he brought way to much candy!!!!!!

Coloring Easter Eggs!!!

Every 15 minutes someone is killed from a drunk driver!

So we have owned our funeral home here in Boulder City for 9 months now and it has been a wonderful experience for our family. Tyson is getting more involved in the community all the time. This past week the school, police department, and coroners office put on a production for the school showing kids that drinking and driving is so dangerous! Tyson and Ralph were happy to be involved! They did everything they would do in a real life situation.... including putting a body in a body bag, with a toe tag, and load them up in the car. We hope that the point really got across to these kids and the community. We want everyone to think before you get behind the wheel, because the decisions you make hurt more than just yourself.

Hoover Dam Bridge hike!

This is so fun! We usually take the stairs up..... because it's faster. Then take the switch backs on the way down.... it's just fun!!!

It's Nice to have Grandpa and Grandma here!!!

This bridge is amazing!!! I would suggest it to anyone who comes to Vegas..... It's so worth walking across!!! We have walked across it 4 or 5 times now.... we take all our visitors to see it! It's a nice cheap outing, and an incredible sight! We enjoy it every time!!!

Lizard season is back!

Another favorite thing to do here in the desert is to go out Lizard hunting!